Ancillary Services in the Cannabis Market

Friends – sharing today a Reuters story about Green Relief* in Canada using filtered fish waste to fertilize its Cannabis grow: Link

First and foremost, I’m disappointed at the sheer lack of obvious Cannabis puns in this article.  I blame the Reuters style guide, but, what, no reference to Phish?  Or “smoked salmon”?  Apparently, the author hasn’t read just about every other news article that’s produced about this industry to know how you’re supposed to write these things for a mainstream audience…..

But I digress.  This article makes me think about the ancillary services that are quickly building up around the industry (we saw this at MJBizCon Vegas – see my blog!).  True, this is a grower using an inventive technology, but what an industry needs to develop, scale, and mature is high-quality support.  The backbone of an industry is what makes it move – engineers, technology, equipment, logistics, service providers, high-powered deal lawyers who resemble a young George Clooney.  Specialists who find ways to make a business work better and smarter.  No business can work in isolation.


*Not a client.