Cannabis in Congress - 2019 Predictions

Friends – sharing a thoughful article from Politico Magazine about the state of play for Cannabis in Congress (link).  It’s written for a political wonk crowd.  TLDR: maybe STATES gets passed this year, maybe not; maybe something else happens, maybe not.

In other news, a follow up to my prior missives about the GGB/Aphria hostile takeover (see my blog! and blog! posts).  It’s being reported (link) that trading in their stocks has been halted.  Exchanges tend to halt trading when material news is about to be reported that’ll likely move the stock, so that there’s enough time after public release of the info for the news to be disseminated.  How does the exchange know?  The issuer is supposed to tell the exchange beforehand.  I, for one, have the popcorn a’poppin, waiting for that news to drop like it’s hot.


Written by: Marc Hauser