CBD Markets

Friends – well, one of the proverbial shoes has dropped (and you thought the Cannabis business had enough puns).  Green Growth Brands, which has sort of been in the news lately (see my blog!), is now putting its hemp-based CBD products in DSW stores: LINK.

I’ve speculated recently about the newly-legal hemp-based CBD market (see my blog!), as has everyone else on earth.  What’s notable to me is that DSW is a very mainstream store.  It shows that the addressable market isn’t just high-end spas – it’s the big box retailer targeting the suburban shopper who wants a product at a reasonable price, the millennial looking for purported health benefits (LINK) etc. CBD is even more of an unknown product to Americans than THC (I’m guessing not too many people smoked hemp in high school to get the CBD medical benefits), so, like the Cronut™, they want to try it out and see what all the buzz (pun!) is about. 

The wave is only beginning.


Written by: Marc Hauser